Under Armor’s Test of Will

Under Armour and Coach Emmanuelle Adda are proud to launch this year’s Test of Will along with the Women of Will campaign. This exciting new chapter will engage people from all over the globe to participate in this new challenge- a call to each individual to discover their innate strengths and potential. During this year long campaign, Under Armour Ambassador Emmanuelle Adda will start from the very beginning- She will help everyone build foundational strength and explosiveness by teaching the full spectrum of health, nutrition and fitness- all which work hand in hand together. “If your goal is just to look good, it is not enough to sustain you through the moments when you want to give up. You need to align your will with something bigger.” Not only will we be working together, but we will also be learning and re-educating our bodies and minds so that we can depend on ourselves as our own teachers. Every week, you can look forward to workouts, studies and literature, seminars, instructional videos, competitive challenges, articles and insights on everything you need to know under the sun about your body. In addition, this is also an interactive practice. Not only will you be learning the secrets of the trade but you will also have access to Coach Emmanuelle Adda’s personal training workshops and individual courses where you can ask all the questions you want and she (as well as her network of coaches) can help you find the best plan for you. And it’s one hundred percent free! Under Armour and Coach Emmanuelle Adda’s goal is to reach as many people as they can and help them produce the results they’ve always wanted. Anyone and everyone can be a champion. You have everything in your power to be everything you’ve wanted to be- but you have to trust/ commit to your will your will and Commit to your bodies and we will commit to getting you to the finish line. Join Under Armour and Emmanuelle Adda in this year’s Test Of Will!


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