In my travels, the one question I’m asked more than any other by the media, clients and others is, “Which diet do you do”.

This is the question million dollar corporations throughout the globe are now trying to manipulate in order for the answer to point to them. The hard truth is that many of these companies also use this question to take advantage of today’s market, which is made up of many people (myself included) who have been vulnerable to the issue of “image”.

We live in a world where you are tricked into believing that you are as you are perceived by others-enter the cosmetic, fashion, automobile, and every other industry that are vying for your dollar to get you just that-the image you want. Nutrition, diet plans, diet pills, you name it, are the exact same thing.


But the truth is most of it (notice I don’t say all) is actually pointless-a temporary band aid you slap on only to find out that you’ve found yourself back in the same spot only more frustrated and discouraged.

I was exactly there. I can admit to having major self-image issues and was vulnerable to every single fad/pill/fix there was.


Until of course, as mentioned in my previous stories, the big moment happened.

My father developed cancer and everything froze.

However, instead of choosing the common path of chemo, radiation and long nights in the hospital, he opted for something different.


In 1928, Dr. Max Gerson, a German born physician stated that all chronic diseases are a result from the disease of the metabolism. A disease which stems from both one’s genetic strain of DNA as well as one’s environment. This environment includes everything from our nutrition, the air we breath, our physical habits, our state of mind, and even what touches our skin. It takes years for these diseases to develop and as a result, it will also take some time to reverse through detoxification and the rebalancing of the metabolism between acidic and alkaline states.


The good news is that our body’s are the most remarkable inventions and they posses the abilities to heal themselves. However, it is whether or not we give it the ability to do so by providing the right environment that is the question and the obstacle.


In conclusion, through natural practices, my father’s body healed himself from the inside out. Since then, I made a decision to respect, challenge and understand this body I was gifted with.


To answer your question, No. I do not practice diets. Instead, I practice a lifestyle, which provides my body and mind the right tools and environment to develop itself into it’s true potential.


Over the next posts, I will share different practices that allow you to do this from nutrition to activity.

The first of these is eating CLEAN AND SIMPLE. The great news is that this can be incredibly easy and enjoyable.


The natural herbs, produce and even animal bi-products have so many amazing properties and benefits. In addition, there are so many practices to induce and trigger the body to not only self heal but also to improve and grow stronger.


Any degeneration to the body is a result of time and toxin. I have not yet learned to defeat the finite attributes of time but I am now learning how to combat and heal myself from toxin.


As a result, I encourage all my clients to eat as clean/organic as possible. I would also suggest they eat more raw foods. I understand that not all of us can nor want to do this to its fullest; however, the practice of it is very beneficial.


Pesticides, preservatives, artificial food enhancements have no business in our bodies. They are very harmful and cause the growth of cancerous cells.


Eating raw foods is highly recommended because they are at their richest then- once subjected to heat, they decrease in nutritional value.


It may be considered a nuisance to be this meticulous but every little moment counts as it is over time and the build up of these habits that will determine our length and quality of time.


The vision is this:


When all our mental and physical faculties are working to their best potential, we become capable of extraordinary things.


Please stay in tuned for the next phase of this series:


Intermittent Fasting- Unwinding the Clock


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